Beny Steinmetz (Businessman and Philanthropist)

Beny Steinmetz –
Businessman and Philanthropist

Beny Steinmetz is an Israeli veteran businessman with ventures across the globe. Beny Steinmetz, an entrepreneur with a focus in the mining and energy sectors, while being also active in the real estate and diamond-mining industries, acts as Advisor to the BSG Group of Companies in matters including but not limited to capital markets, natural resource development, and real estate. Beny is passionate about creating positive change, and in particular improving the lives of children and young people in Israel. He is the Chairman and Co-Founder of the philanthropic trust the Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation, which he launched with his wife. The Foundation aims to provide a brighter future for Israeli children by investing in education and welfare services for early childhood and youth at risk.

Beny Steinmetz’s Business Career

He is an accomplished businessman and philanthropist. As an advisor to the BSG Group he leverages his extensive experience and wide professional network to help the Group develop its range of business interests across 25 countries around the world. Beny also acts as an advisor for the privately held group BSGR and is Chairman of the Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation.

Steinmetz’s career began after he completed his military service in the IDF and moved to Belgium to start his own diamond business. His drive and determination helped this business expand internationally and it eventually became one of the biggest site holders for De Beers Company. On this website we take a closer look at his business dealings.

About Beny Steinmetz’s Business Career

Investing in the Future – the Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation

Launched in 2006 by Beny Steinmetz and his wife Agnes, the Foundation is driven by its founders’ vision of building a strong, healthy future for Israel. The Foundation consolidates the Steinmetz family’s personal charitable contributions into a structured grant-making operation, whose main mission is to improve the lives of one out of every three children living in poverty in Israel. A lack of opportunity and access to services can result in adverse social outcomes for these young people. That is why the Steinmetz Foundation is focused on funding welfare, health, educational and cultural initiatives for early childhood as well as youth at risk.

Investing in Art

Known as a firm supporter of culture, Beny Steinmetz is actively involved with the art world in Israel. He is a longstanding and major donor to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, where he also sits on the Board of Trustees. The Museum has awarded Beny with a Doctor Honoris Causa in recognition of his contribution to the Israeli art sector and his impact on it.