Beny Steinmetz (Businessman and Philanthropist)

Investing in the Future

About The Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation

Agnes and Beny Steinmetz founded the Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation in 2006, one of the largest and most active charitable organizations in Israel, with international recognition. The couple launched the organization with the aim of consolidating their private philanthropic efforts into a more structured grant-making apparatus. They hoped to progress their vision of creating a healthier and stronger future for the children of Israel. By providing financial backing for initiatives that include health, education, welfare, and culture programs, focusing on underprivileged children and young people, the Foundation is fulfilling its mission.

To date, the Foundation has supported tens of thousands of children, young people and families of different nationalities and religions, through the programs and scholarships it provides, and has become a point of reference for Israeli NGOs.

The Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation

Early Childhood and Youth at Risk in Israel – Steinmetz Foundation

Over 30% of children in Israel are living below the poverty line and lack access to services and opportunities, which increases the probability of unfavorable social outcomes The Steinmetz Foundation aims to reach these disadvantaged children in their formative years, the ideal time in which to implement preventative strategies. Alongside its early childhood programs, the organization also support youth at risk.

Foundation Programs

The Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation has created several initiatives in collaboration with municipalities and cities in Israel. These are focused on building public awareness of the importance of early childhood development, and professional standards for training teachers, caregivers, and other people working with young children. A key component of the partnership is helping municipalities and cities shape and fortify their outreach efforts. The Foundation also creates up-skill programs for local service providers to ensure that every municipal area has a specialist qualified in dealing with early childhood.

Remarkable Success

Since its launch, the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation has supported over 40,000 children through various programs. More than 3,500 individual staff members have received training, and the Foundation has reached as many as 7,000 parents. It has also facilitated the appointment of early childhood specialists in 9 cities across Israel, and initiated 20 early childhood centers: a network that is growing across the country owing to the philanthropic work of the Foundation.